About Plug-ins

Plug-ins is aprogram application that can easily be installed and used as a part of Crazy Browser.

Currently, The Crazy Browser supports for 3 kinds of plug-ins

  1. COM Objects
  2. Scripts
  3. Executable Files

Installing a plug-in

  1. Download the plug-in zip file
  2. Extract the zip file to the Crazy Browser Plug-ins directory
    (usually C:\Program Files\Crazy Browser\Plug-ins\).
    Extracting the zip file will create a folder under the plug-ins folder and place the plug-in files within it.
  3. Restart your Crazy Browser, you will find a new button on the Plug-ins Toolbar.

Here is a Plug-in sample

The following example shows how easy it is to expand Crazy Brower.

Open your Crazy Brower, find the Plug-ins toolbar, there is a plug-in called Kill Flash, click the Kill Flash in all tabs, that will kill all the flash and flying ads.